Service Areas

Local Service Area has local facilities in 21 communities in area code 608 listed below. We are immediately able to port your number to our service or issue a new number if you are located in one of these areas.
Rate Center NPA MER BLK
Wisconsin Dells 608 254 0
Oregon 608 291 1
Westfield 608 296 0
Montello 608 297 0
Beloit 608 299 4
Janesville 608 302 3
Madison 608 333 0
Mauston 608 350 2
Sauk City 608 370 7
Richland Center 608 383 2
Mazomanie 608 401 0
Adams 608 403 0
Dodgeville 608 407 0
Briggsville 608 408 1
Reedsburg 608 415 4
Cambridge 608 423 0
Baraboo 608 448 0
Merrimac 608 493 4
Portage 608 566 2
Spring Green 608 588 1
Evansville 608 882 7
Brodhead 608 897 0

Non-Local Service Area

If you want service in an area that does not have local service, can issue a phone number of your choice from one of our active rate centers. For example, if you live in Platteville, a non-local service area, but would like a Madison number, we would issue a Madison number to you. Even though you would be taking the calls in Platteville, callers would be calling the Madison number and you would be calling out from the Madison exchange. Outside of these areas we may be able to offer local service in a non-local service area as we deal with several nationwide services. Let us give you a quote on your non-local service area.

Take Phone Service with You

Whether you live in one of our local service areas or not, you may take your phone adapter anywhere in the world and plug it into any broadband internet connection and it will work just like it did at your original location. Let’s say you have our unlimited service in Merrimac, WI, and you take your adapter to London, UK, and plug into a broadband connection there. You would be able to call anyone in the US and talk for as long as you wish at no extra cost, and anyone in the local Merrimac calling area would be able to call you at no extra charge. Calling someone in London, however, would be an international call from Merrimac, WI. All calls to and from your phone adapter travel over the internet back to our switch in Madison where it is connected to the normal telephone network.