Residential and Business Rates

Residential or Business Description Monthly Additional Local, ECC, LD Minutes International Minutes
Unlimited: Includes ALL Local, and Long Distance US and Canada 27.99 N/A See international rate table
Basic: Includes 500 Minutes 17.99 0.039 (10,000 minutes or greater 0.03) See international rate table
800# Includes 100 minutes Forward to regular line  4.99 0.039 (10,000 minutes or greater 0.03)  N/A

Free Features:

Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling


411 Directory Assistance: $0.99 per call Directory Listing Charge for New Numbers: $30 One-Time Charge


Broadband Connection: Cable modem, DSL or T1 (Broadband provided for phone service by for telephone only users connected to the cable plant and combination cable modem and telephone users with five lines or more.)

Taxes & Fees:

Universal Service Fund (USF): variable State Sales Tax : 5% of total County Sales Tax: 0.5% of total TRS Fund Contribution: $10 per line Wis USF Tax: variable Police & Fire Protection Fee: $0.75 per line (0-10 lines), $.075 per line (lines over 10) 911: $1.00 per location