Wireless Internet

Sauk County Wireless

Serving Merrimac, Greenfield, Fairfield, Caledonia, Dekorra, Lodi, West Point, Sumpter, Baraboo. If you can’t get cable or DSL at your location, Merr.com Wireless may be the answer.

NEW Options:

Speed              Rate

1m/512k       $39.95 per month

2m/1m          $49.95 per month

4m/2m          $59.95 per month 

Installation $99

Primary Equipment: includes a roof mount if necessary, a receiver/antenna, and enough cable to connect to the customer’s equipment. Equipment is loaned to the customer at no charge but must be returned to Merr.com upon termination of the rental period. The equipment has a value of $350 which the customer will be responsible for if the equipment is not returned.

Features: Compatible with all popular free email services, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Merr.com email service also available. 24/7 Tech Support Wireless Home Networking Available

Note: Due to terrain and vegetation, service is not available in all areas. Customer’s premise must have a clear line of site to our antenna which is located 200’AGL at the intersection of Tower Rd and Devils Delight Rd in the Town of Greenfield. Installation appointments might be cancelled due to weather conditions such as snow, ice, lightning or rain, or due to the shape and contour of the customer’s roof. This may be determined before the scheduled installation time, in route to the installation or during the installation.

Additional Equipment: 10/100 4 port router: $46 10/100 wireless 4 port router: $69