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Internet Services

High Speed Internet

Cable Modem delivered Internet Service available in Merrimac, Sauk Prairie and surrounding areas. Please call for exact locations. Speeds range from 5 mbps to 100 mbps downstream, to 500 kbps to 5 mbps upstream. Services may be delivered by a wired or wireless source within the home or business.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wide Area Network (WAN) Dedicated Ethernet services delivered over our fiber optic network directly to your home or business available in the Sauk Prairie area. Please call for exact locations. Popular speeds are 50 mbps to 100 mbps downstream to 50 mbps to 100 mbps upstream, but almost any speeds are possible with our new 10 gbps fiber optic backbone between Merrimac and Madison.

Dial-Up Internet

Telephone Modem delivered Internet service. All you need is a computer, telephone modem and a telephone line from any telephone company. Speeds are 53 kbps or less depending on line conditions.

Misc. Internet Services

Email, Anti-Spam, etc.